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Lord Eassie

This judge has written an opinion in the following cases. If you spot an error please contact us

Ben Cleuch Estates Limited v Scottish Enterprise04/01/2008View Case Report
Aberdeen City Council v Alok Wanchoo11/01/2008View Case Report
Brian Kelly v Shetland Health Board16/01/2008View Case Report
Tor Corporate A.S. v Sinopec Group Star Petroleum Corporation and others18/01/2008View Case Report
Brian and Jean Gray v William Welsh05/02/2008View Case Report
Dumfries and Galloway Council v Kevin Dunion, Scottish Information Commissioner08/02/2008View Case Report
June Riddell v Leisure Link Electronic Entertainment Limited15/02/2008View Case Report
Sigurdur Arthur Bennett v Michael Gordon and Mrs Susan Gordon and The Scottish Ministers04/03/2008View Case Report
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi v HM Advocate and the Advocate General for Scotland07/03/2008View Case Report
Linda Henry v Rentokil Initial Plc, Captive13/03/2008View Case Report
Bryan John Donaldson v HM Advocate19/03/2008View Case Report
N.O. v Secretary of State for the Home Department28/03/2008View Case Report
Aberdeenshire Council v Scottish Ministers28/03/2008View Case Report
Eileen Blackburn permanent trustee on the sequestrated estates of William Cowie v Elizabeth Cowie25/04/2008View Case Report
Jason Alexander Jordan v HM Advocate02/05/2008View Case Report
Murray Kenneth Mason and Another v HM Advocate04/06/2008View Case Report
George Clark and others v HM Advocate and Procurator Fiscal25/06/2008View Case Report
Michael George Voudouri and Trust Union LLC and others v HM Advocate02/07/2008View Case Report
Bellway (Scotland) Limited and others v (First) Stirling Council and (Second) Walker Group (Scotland) Limited09/07/2008View Case Report
A.R. v Asylum and Immigration Tribunal23/07/2008View Case Report
Thomas Ruddy v Monte Marco and others25/07/2008View Case Report
Thomas William Balmer and others v HM Advocate25/07/2008View Case Report
James Lieser v HM Advocate25/07/2008View Case Report
(First) Fraser Graeme Robertson (Second) Paula Deborah Robertson (Third) Michelle Lorraine Deasley v HM Advocate25/07/2008View Case Report
WA's Legal Representative v Highland Council22/08/2008View Case Report
RAB v MIB12/09/2008View Case Report
James William Barry Carslaw v HM Advocate22/09/2008View Case Report
Barry Jonathan Campbell v HM Advocate24/09/2008View Case Report
Paul McInnes v HM Advocate26/09/2008View Case Report
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi v HM Advocate14/10/2008View Case Report
ASC Anglo Scottish Concrete Limited v Geminax Limited27/10/2008View Case Report
Shehzada Hanif v HM Advocate07/11/2008View Case Report
Sharon Catherine Harkins v HM Advocate14/11/2008View Case Report
NBE v Secretary of State for the Home Department26/11/2008View Case Report
Paul Beckley v Procurator Fiscal, Greenock09/12/2008View Case Report
HM Advocate v Gerald James Duffy13/01/2009View Case Report
John Joseph Hopkinson v HM Advocate23/01/2009View Case Report
JB v HM Advocate03/02/2009View Case Report
Mirian Watson, Procurator Fiscal, Ayr v Joseph King06/02/2009View Case Report
GWH v Procurator Fiscal, Dundee06/02/2009View Case Report
Sean Stephen Hughes v HM Advocate16/02/2009View Case Report
William Grant & Sons Distillers Limited v Alexander McClymont17/02/2009View Case Report
Mark Murdo Urquhart v HM Advocate18/02/2009View Case Report
Autolink Concessionaires (M6) PLC v (First) Amey Construction Limited and others25/02/2009View Case Report
Alexander Leverage v HM Advocate25/02/2009View Case Report
Gary Ready v HM Advocate27/02/2009View Case Report
Hallam Land Management Limited v The Scottish Ministers17/03/2009View Case Report


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